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How we do it

" We use the best CMS packages to deliver a tailored solution to each customer.
We only use Open Source software enhanced with custom code built in-house."


is critical to a successful project as it helps to set the foundation for the entire project. It also happens to be the most in-depth phase, as there will be a high volume of discussion and information gathering.


based on the gathered data, our team establishes realistic goals for completion of design, development and testing for the new website. A sitemap is also generated for you to review and approve.

Design & Layout

the goals, requirements and constraints shaped, are developed into a list of guidelines. The submission of written content is especially important, as the content will guide the design of each web page.


we use several coding languages to build your website into the digital space of the internet. HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL are the coding languages that will be used, each has it’s own purpose to perform specific functions that result in a working website.


to view the internet each user needs a web browser, however each browser is not created equal. Coding a website does not always guarantee it will function correctly in multiple browsers. This means we need to test the website in each browser and make adjustments to the code as necessary.


a final approval will give us the confirmation to prepare the website for the live launch. Once the site is released, we will keep an eye open for any further errors that may occur.

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